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            • Introduce
            • Technical Data
            • Features

            Advanced technology of DNSC capacitors (high voltage) is based on construction of all-film capacitor sections, folding foil edge design, improved electrical and mechanical connections between sections and impregnation with environmentally compatible insulating oil. DNSC capacitors (high voltage) have very low dielectric losses and are designed for long service life.

            Rated power: 100 kvar~800 kvar
            Rated frequency: 50 or 60 Hz
            Rated Voltage: 3 kV~24 kV
            Power Tolerance: -3% ~ +5%
            Loss Tangent: ≤0.03%
            Ambient temperature: -40 ~ +45℃
            Elevation above sea level: ≤2000m a.s.l.
            Dielectric: All-film (hazy polypropylene)
            Impregnating fluid: Environmentally compatible impregnating oil based on MBTD is charge resistor: Built in discharge resistor reduces the voltage on a de-energised capacitorfrom the crest of rated voltage to 75 V in 10 minutes or less (discharge to 50V in 5 minutes on demand).
            Permissible overloads: Maximum permissible current 1.3 x IN continuously Maximum permissible voltage1.1 x UN continuously, 8 h per day

            The purpose is to compensate inductive loading from devices like electric motors and transmission lines to make the load appear to be mostly resistive. DNSC High Voltage Shunt Capacitors are a simple, economical and reliable source of reactive power on electrical power systems to improve their performance, quality and efficiency.